My début twinning visit to Crest, France by Andreas Yiasimi

It’s with great pleasure to post a pictorial and report of my wonderful visit to Crest, in France. It was my début with the twinning committee from Cromer and I embraced every moment.

I arrived safely in Crest, after travelling with members of the twinning committee, vice Chair-Lady Mary Hill and Gordon after a 777.9 mile journey, mostly by train.

It was a special vacation to commemorate Armistice Day and 100 years since the first world war. We were greeted at the airport by president of Crest twining committee, Jann White, who kindly drove us to our destinations.

I stayed with a lovely family, Cllr Susanne, her husband, Arend and two daughters, Isabella and Selina. They have a fantastic restaurant in Crest called, L’Etape Crestoise and I sampled some of their fantastic food. This is a link to their establishment and it’s certainly worth a visit

I’m truly grateful to Susanne and her family for their overwhelming hospitality.

On Monday 10th of November I attended an event leading up to Armistice Day and I’d like to congratulate Students of Royannez school near the war memorial who read passages highlighting WW1 and made tributes to veterans.

After a period of silence local dignitaries welcomed twinning committee members from Nidda (Germany) Crest (France) Cromer (UK) and Italy. There were pictorial and written displays by the children inside the school, teachers were very helpful translating some of the work.

It wasn’t too far into my visit when I began to grasp the importance of twinning organisations and what they stand for, underlined by an oath signed in 1980.

Armistice Day was an emotional time and it was a privilege to meet the mayor of Crest, Hervé Mariton who made a speech before wreaths were laid.

I was extremely proud to represent Cromer at this important event and shed a tear when, Mary Hill, laid a wreath to commemorate our fallen.

The rain didn’t stop schedule and the event was very well organised, I would like to extend my acknowledgement to all twining members present and everyone’s hard work in Crest.

The following day I attended a dinner hosted by L’Etape Crestoise Restaurant where representatives delivered speeches and I had the chance to meet many wonderful people at the gathering.

I had the chance to attend a very constructive twinning committee meeting in the town Hall Chamber the next day. Some superb ideas were exchanged and look forward to hearing of any progress and news.

Crest is such an enchanting place and I was captivated by it’s scenic beauty and rich history. I will be posting some landscape photographs soon.

My visit to France has certainly widened my horizons and I will do everything possible to contribute towards the continuous success of the twining organisation.

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