Cromer Twinning Association Race Night

Delighted to announce Cromer Twinning Association Race Night on Saturday 18th November, 7.30pm at the Cromer Community Centre, Garden Street. Tickets are £5.00 for entrance and can be obtained by phoning Julie Chance on 01263 512254. Please bring your own drinks and glasses, there will also be a Raffle on the night. Feel free to share the event.

The project «IMAGINE The Europe I Want » was funded with the support of the European Union under the Programme “Europe for Citizens”

Participation: the project brought together more than 300 citizens, including 48 from Nidda (Germany), 44 from the city of Medvode (Slovenia), 40 from Ponte San Nicolo (Italy), 5 from Cromer (England), host families, not to mention the many volunteers at Crest.

Place / Dates: The meeting took place in Crest, (France) from 28/04/2017 to 01/05/2017.

Short description:

The theme of this meeting is “Imagine the Europe I Want”. The aim is to draw up an inventory of citizens’ concerns about Europe and to express their wishes for the direction Europe should take.

Preparatory activities took place in each of the 5 twin towns during the months of March and April 2017: Animation with young people who will vote for the first time in the elections of MEPs in 2019, public debates, opinion polls using a questionnaire (German, English, French, Italian and Slovenian ) or by interviewing citizens.

On 28/04/2017, the English and Slovenian delegations were able to discover the city, guided by members of the twinning committee of Crest and to immerse themselves in local life. At the end of the day, arrival of the German and Italian delegations.

The morning of 29/04/2017 was devoted to a working session “IMAGINE the Europe we want” to present the preparatory work (debates in the secondary schools and public meetings of each of the twin cities, analyze the answers to the questionnaire At the same time, the musicians of Crest, Medvode, Nidda and Ponte San Nicolo made a rehearsal for their evening concert, and in the afternoon, the delegations met to share a hike or descend the Tour de Crest. At the end of the afternoon, presentation of the consolidated vision of the “Europe we want” to all the participants, followed by a concert (60 musicians from Crest, Medvode, Nidda and Ponte San Nicolo) and a “Fête de l’Europe” dinner with 360 guests: delegations, host families, volunteers and many citizens of Crest.

The day of 30/04/2017 was devoted to the continuation of exchanges between members of the delegations while discovering together the region, its hilltop villages and its agriculture with visits “Farm and Farm Drôme”. During lunch, exchange of gifts between the mayors of the twin cities or their representatives and between the twinning committees.

Departure of the German, Italian and Slovenian delegations on 01/05/2017 and of the English delegation on 02/05/2017.

The synthesis of citizens’ concerns about Europe and the wishes concerning the direction Europe should take is communicated to the local, regional and European authorities and presented in each twin city during the months of May and June 2017.

You can find all these activities in the presentation IMAGINE the Europe we want ( as well as the recordings of the presentations and the European concert =>

Cromer celebrated 35th Twinning Anniversary During The Crab and Lobster Festival 2016

We celebrated the 35th Anniversary of our twinning with Crest on the 19th to 23rd of May, when we received visitors from Crest, Nidda and Ponte San Nicolò. The visit coincided with the annual Cromer and Sheringham Crab and Lobster Festival.

This was a milestone in our joint venture which has seen many changes over the years , and the idea of joining cities, towns and villages in partnership is growing into a mutual understanding of each others communities and cultures. More here > Cromer hosts 35th Twinning Anniversary at the Crab and Lobster Festival

Nidda visit 2015

Nidda invited friends from the various communities that they have linked themselves with to celebrate the reunification of Germany after the fall of the Berlin wall.

there were representatives from Crest (France), Ponte San Nicolò (Italy), Dobra (Poland), Medvod (Slovenia) and Cromer. We received talks from the European Communities minister for Hessen, Frau Lucia Puttrich, former Mayor of Nidda, also from Hervé Mariton who is the Mayor of Crest and also Depute in central French Parliament.

We also heard from a man from Bad Kösen, a town in the former East German Republic talking about how the reunification had affected his community. It was a great opportunity for us to meet new people and renew acquaintances. More here > Nidda visit highlights 2015

Archives and related reports from previous travels

Remembrance Day in Cromer Echoed in Twin Towns 2014

Hundreds of people lined the streets in Cromer for the annual remembrance ceremony, highlighted by the WW1 centenary. Acknowledgements were simultaneously echoed by twinning committee members who were attending Armistice Day in Crest, France. More here > Remembrance Day in Cromer Echoed in Twin Towns 2014

Le Jumelage de Crest Fête médiévale 2015

Cromer’s twinning visit to Crest coincided with the 10th annual Fête médiévale spectacular. Representatives from Germany (Nidda) , Italy (Ponte San Nicolo) and France (Crest) were greeted with craftsmen, knights, musicians and jugglers. More here > Le Jumelage de Crest Fête médiévale 2015

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