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Welcome to the Cromer Twinning Association. Proudly twinned with Crest and Nidda

Cromer from the air. Home of the Cromer Twinning association.

The Gem of the Norfolk Coast

Cromer from above during a flight from Northrepps Airfield. It’s no wonder this stunning shore has attracted poets and artists throughout time.

“The Norfolk landscape sends a shiver through my soul”
– Raffaella Barker


Cromer twinning association Norfolk UK

The coat of arms from Nidda, in Germany. Crest in France and Cromer in England.

Welcome to the Cromer Twinning Association, based in Norfolk, UK. Our association was founded in 1980, when Cromer was twinned with Crest in the Drôme region of France. We later established a three-way link with Nidda, in the Hessen region of Germany in 1998, with Crest being the intermediary town.

Over the years, the Cromer Twinning Association has facilitated a variety of cultural and educational exchanges between our twinned towns. These exchanges have included visits from association members, school children, choir groups, and other members of our community.

Our website is designed to keep you updated on the latest news and events related to twinning. We regularly share photographs and other resources to help you learn more about our twinning efforts and the impact they have had on our communities.

One of our primary goals is to help young people who want to visit our area. We receive requests from the youth in our twinned towns who are looking for a short-term job to improve their English. These visitors want to stay with a family, pay their way, and work for a week or up to three months. We also receive requests for young people to be au pairs for families for a short period. If you’re interested in learning more, please use the contact form on our website.

Our current committee includes Chair Jilly Boocock, Secretary Angela Wrighton, Treasurer David Stevens, and committee member Stuart Meakin.

Annual General Meeting
Cromer Mayor, Pat West, Chair Jilly Boocock and Treasurer, David Stevens

Annual General Meeting

The Cromer Twinning Association has defied the odds over the past year, navigating pandemic-related disruptions to achieve remarkable successes through unwavering dedication and collaborative efforts. From the joyous reception of Crest visitors to the summer barbeque and annual Remembrance service, our association remains a beacon of hope for what Twinning truly means. Join us in celebrating our achievements and looking forward to an exciting future. 

Cromer, Crest and Nidda


Cromer at sunset, Norfolk, UK.


county of North Norfolk, Eastern England

Cromer is a fascinating town situated on the North Norfolk coast, famous for its sandy beaches and rich history. It offers a unique blend of traditional charm and contemporary allure, including Victorian architecture and the renowned Cromer Crab. The Cromer Pier is an iconic landmark with a theatre that plays host to a wide range of shows and concerts throughout the year.

Crest in Southern France


Puy-de-Dôme department in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Crest is a beautiful place that combines stunning natural scenery with a rich history. The views are breathtaking, with captivating rolling hills, forests, and rivers. Crest is filled with history, from ancient ruins to charming cobblestone streets and well-preserved buildings. The medieval castles and churches are prominent features.

Nidda, in Germany.


The district Wetterau, in Hesse, Germany.

Nidda is located in the Wetterau region of Hesse, Germany, near Frankfurt. It has a long history and a diverse range of attractions, including, the oldest hall church of Hessen, and a local museum. It is also known for scenic parks and gardens along the Nidda River for outdoor activities like cycling, jogging, walking, and picnics. The town has wonderful Christmas markets and craft fairs.

Historic church in France

Cromer Twinning Association Annual General Meeting: Collaborative Efforts for Continued Success

Looking back at the success of the Cromer Twinning Association in the past year, despite the challenges posed by the pandemic-related restrictions and upheavals. The AGM reflects on the progress made and accomplishments achieved through collaborative efforts and unwavering dedication. From the heartwarming welcome of visiting friends from Crest to the summer BBQ and annual Remembrance service.

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Four knights in medieval armor, swords raised and lunging towards the camera at the Fête Médiévale de Crest

Experiencing the Timeless Magic of Crest Medieval Festival in France with Cromer Twinning Association

Step into a world of knights, princesses, and pageantry at the Crest Medieval Festival in France. This annual festival celebrates history, culture, and entertainment and is a must-visit attraction that draws thousands of visitors each year. From jousting tournaments to sword-fighting competitions and historical reenactments, the festival offers exciting entertainment for all. Crest provides a perfect backdrop with its narrow streets, ancient architecture, and towering Crest Tower.

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