Swinging Into the Past: Cromer’s Vintage Weekend Welcomes International Friends

The Cromer Twinning Association is abuzz with anticipation as it eagerly prepares to welcome esteemed guests from Crest and Nidda. Their visit coincides perfectly with Cromer's much-awaited 1960s weekend, a vibrant celebration blending nostalgic charm with contemporary flair. With a myriad of eclectic entertainment options, the town is poised to immerse visitors in a nostalgic journey through the spirited era of the sixties.
Four female staff members from Cromer Pier dressed in sixties attire, adding a vintage touch to the iconic seaside location.

As the summer sun begins to cast its golden hues over the North Norfolk coast, Cromer is set to dazzle not just with its natural beauty but with a kaleidoscope of vibrant events harking back to the swinging sixties. This June, the quaint seaside town, renowned for its picturesque beaches and the iconic end-of-pier show, is rolling out the red carpet for a special gathering that promises a blend of international camaraderie and nostalgic revelry.

Vibrant 1960s event at Cromer pier and promenade, bustling with activity and retro charm
Cromer Pier comes alive with the vibrant spirit of the ’60s, where retro charm meets seaside splendour. Photo by © Andreas Yiasimi.

The Cromer Twinning Association is buzzing with excitement as it finalizes preparations for a highly anticipated visit from the delightful guests of Crest and Nidda. These special visitors are in for a treat as their trip aligns with Cromer’s fabulous 1960s weekend, an annual celebration that revives the charm and vivacity of the era with a modern twist. The town is all set to showcase its eclectic mix of entertainment, ensuring that every moment is infused with the spirit of the sixties.

An Itinerary of Joy: Timetabled Events for a Memorable Visit to Cromer.

The adventure kicks off on Thursday evening, June 6th, with a warm meet-and-greet at the Cromer Bowls Club, setting the stage for the days ahead. The visitors will be immersed in the local culture and history with a guided morning tour around the town, including a visit to the Cromer Museum and a chance to follow the intriguing Art Trail by Peter Stibbons.

cromer twinning association jilly boocock pat west emma spagnola 1960s event
Cromer Twinning Association chair, Jilly Boocock, Deputy Mayor, Pat West and Mayor, Emma Spagnola. Photos by © Andreas Yiasimi.

The hospitality extends to a communal picnic lunch in the serene garden of Jilly Boocock, where guests and hosts will share stories and laughter, strengthening the bonds of friendship. The afternoon offers a chance to explore Cromer’s treasures at leisure, from the Amazona Zoo and RNLI Museum to the historic Cromer Church and the bustling pier and shops

The highlight of Friday is undoubtedly the evening 60s concert on Cromer Pier, where guests will be transported back in time through music and dance, with hosts having the option to join in the fun.

Saturday promises more 60s-themed events around the pier and town, allowing everyone to soak in the vintage vibes. The day culminates in a quintessentially British fish and chip supper at Mary-Jane’s, organized by Deputy Mayor Pat West, providing a taste of local cuisine in a convivial setting.

A Crowd of people enjoying the lively atmosphere on the promenade amidst a line of colourful motorbikes and mopeds.
Bustling promenade scene filled with people and mopeds, capturing the vibrant energy of the event. Photo by © Andreas Yiasimi.

Sunday offers a moment of reflection with a parish church service, followed by opportunities to explore the wider beauty of North Norfolk, from the charming town of Sheringham to the tranquil Broads and majestic Blickling Park.

The visit reaches its crescendo with a traditional lunch at the Cliftonville Hotel, complete with speeches, gift exchanges, and entertainment by Pat West’s music group. This formal event will not only celebrate the enduring friendships forged through twinning but also the shared joy of experiencing Cromer’s unique charm.

Signed John Lennon's guitar! 1960s event in Cromer.
Iconic: John Lennon’s signed guitar was displayed at the 1960s event held at Cromer Pavilion Theatre.

As the guests prepare for departure on Monday, the memories of this special weekend will undoubtedly linger, a testament to the power of cultural exchange and the timeless appeal of the sixties.

A Message from the Mayor of Cromer: Strengthening Bonds Through Twinning

In her heartfelt letter, Mayor Emma Spagnola extends a warm invitation to the twinning communities of Crest and Nidda, highlighting the blend of entertainment, local exploration, and opportunities for personal discovery that await them. With a note of anticipation, she expresses the town’s eagerness to renew and strengthen the bonds of friendship that twinning fosters.

As Cromer readies itself for this enchanting fusion of past and present, the town stands as a beacon of hospitality, ready to share its heritage and heart with the world. This June, amidst the laughter, music, and shared stories, the spirit of the sixties will once again remind us of the joy found in coming together, celebrating our differences, and building bridges across cultures.

Step Back in Time: Videos from Past Cromer Twinning Visits

Two videos from our hosting of Cromer’s 2019 twinning visit, where we welcomed guests from Crest, Drôme, France, and Nidda, Wetterau district, Hesse, Germany. It was a memorable occasion, including a delightful day in neighbouring Sheringham for Potty Day. Originating in 1993, the Potty Festival, initiated by the Lobster Potties Morris Dancers, expresses gratitude to visiting dance groups. Our visit coincided with St. Andrew’s Church’s annual flower festival, themed ‘The Gift of Water,’ enhancing our experience. These festivals, evolving from fundraisers in 1965, have grown into significant community events, attracting visitors from various regions and benefiting local charities.

Play Video about Cromer Twinning visit video.

Part one of Cromer’s twinning visit in 2019, welcoming guests from Crest, Drôme, France, and Nidda, Wetterau district, Hesse, Germany.

Play Video about Twinning visitors from Crest and Nidda visit Cromer and Sheringham.

The second segment of Cromer’s 2019 twinning visit, extending a warm welcome to guests from Crest, Drôme, France, and Nidda, Wetterau district, Hesse, Germany.

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