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Close-up of a mod moped parked on Cromer Promenade, set against a vivid blue sky,

Photograph from Cromer’s annual 1960s weekend celebration. The sleek lines and vibrant colors of a restored 1960s moped evoke nostalgia and adventure. As preparations for this year’s event in June are underway, excitement mounts with the announcement of a twinning visit from France and Germany.

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Twinning visit in June at the 1960s event

Amidst the anticipation of warmer days and sun-kissed shores, the quaint seaside town braces itself for a celebration like no other.

This June, the picturesque seaside town, famed for its sandy beaches and iconic end-of-pier show, welcomes guests to a special gathering promising a fusion of international flavor and a multitude of festivals and events.

Meanwhile, anticipation brews within the Cromer Twinning Association as it prepares for the much-awaited arrival of esteemed guests from Crest and Nidda. Their visit coincides with Cromer’s lively 1960s weekend, an annual extravaganza that breathes new life into the charm and energy of the era. With an eclectic mix of entertainment lined up, Cromer ensures that every moment is infused with the spirit of the sixties.

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Announcements and twinning archives

Interesting archived posts from previous years, including, when Cromer celebrated the 35th Twinning Anniversary During The Crab and Lobster Festival. 

We had an absolutely amazing time during the five-day celebration of the 35th anniversary of our twinning with Crest, from May 19th to 23rd. Consequently, it was an incredible event that filled our community with so much joy. Our friends from Crest, Nidda, and Ponte San Nicolò visited to mark this remarkable occasion. It was truly heartwarming to see the mutual appreciation and understanding that we have built up over the years of our partnership.

Moreover, it was a bonus that our celebrations coincided with the annual Cromer Crab and Lobster Festival! The aroma of the freshly cooked seafood wafted through the air, tantalizing our senses and luring us to the various food stalls lining the streets. We enjoyed delicious meals, lively music, and the company of locals and visitors alike. As a result, it was a truly magical experience that brought our community even closer together.

Latest news and announcements for Twinning visitors as they enjoy the Cromer Crab and Lobster Festival.

Looks like the claws are out during the Nidda and Crest twinning visit! These two festival mascots, delighted visitors from both towns. From their pinch-perfect dance moves to their impressive shell-ebrities, they set the mood for the rest of the day.

Visitors from Nidda, Crest and Ponte San Nicolò gather at North Lodge in Cromer.

Fascinating Nidda Visit

the importance of harmony

In 2015, Nidda hosted a celebration to commemorate the reunification of Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall. They invited friends from various communities that they established twinning links with over the years. Representatives from Crest (France), Ponte San Nicolò (Italy), Dobra (Poland), Medvod (Slovenia), and Cromer attended the event.

We also heard from a man from Bad Kösen, a town in the former East German Republic talking about how the reunification had affected his community.
We learned how during the period of the Cold War, the Berlin Wall served as a stark symbol of the division between East and West Germany. It was erected in 1961 by the East German government, which was supported by the Soviet Union, as a means of preventing people from escaping to the West.

it impacted everyday families significantly the wall tore families apart leaving many separated from their loved ones for decades causing immense emotional distress and creating economic disparities between the prosperous west and the struggling east as a result many east germans faced limited opportunities for work and economic mobility however the fall of the berlin wall in 1989 brought an end to these issues reuniting families and creating new opportunities on both sides. Read more here, including our visit to point Alpha > The Nidda visit

Although it rained, the Armistice Day commemoration in Crest was a poignant and unforgettable event that united towns from across Europe in a solemn expression of solidarity. The band led the way as twinning groups joined together to honour the memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice

Armistice Day Crest
Tony Nash during Nidda visit at Point Alpha.

This photograph captures a moment in time of the late Tony Nash at point Alpha during the Nidda trip. Despite the rain, the journey continued, resulting in an unforgettable and cherished experience. Tony’s adventurous spirit shines through in this inspiring image.

Memories of 2014

Twinning Towns Came Together to Remember

2014 was an incredibly significant year for Armistice Day, as it signified the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I – a conflict that had an indelible impact on the course of human history. Communities from Cromer, Nidda, and Crest joined together in solemn ceremonies to pay homage to the countless soldiers and civilians who gave their lives in service to their country. This centennial anniversary served as a poignant reminder of the profound importance of peace, and the urgent need for us all to work towards achieving and maintaining it.

Armistice Day Crest France

Fête Médiévale

medieval spectacular in Crest

Crest was alive with energy and excitement during Cromer’s twinning visit, with the 10th annual Fête médiévale in full swing. The medieval-themed festival drew visitors from all corners, eager to indulge in the rich cultural offerings of yesteryear.

The streets were awash with color, the sounds of musicians playing traditional melodies, and the tantalizing aroma of food from various food stalls.

Guests from Nidda, Ponte San Nicolo, and Crest were treated to a diverse array of activities and entertainment. The festival featured an impressive range of events, from skilled craftsmen displaying their expertise in traditional crafts to knights demonstrating their fighting prowess in thrilling battles. The mesmerizing performances of jugglers captivated and delighted everyone in attendance.

The Fête médiévale was a magnificent spectacle that brought together people from different regions to celebrate their shared interests and cultural heritage. It provided an excellent opportunity for guests to exchange ideas, learn about each other’s traditions, and immerse themselves in the festive atmosphere. More here > Le Jumelage de Crest Fête médiévale

Medieval Festival Knights preparing fight