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Saou Forest and mountains

My début twinning visit to Crest, France by Andreas Yiasimi

“Embarking on a journey of 777.9 miles from Cromer to the charming town of Crest was an eye-opening experience. From immersing myself in the local heritage and staying with a hospitable family, I gained a profound sense of belonging and perspective. Through my unforgettable visit, I gained a deeper understanding of the significance of twinning, its cultural importance, and its potential for nurturing lasting connections.”

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Cromer Twinning Soup Night

Soup and Pudding night

Cromer twinning organized a successful soup night event to raise funds for the association. Attendees enjoyed a delightful evening of soup, puddings, and wine, with locally sourced ingredients used in the preparation of the soups. The event was made possible through the hard work of the dedicated team and volunteers.

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Our wonderful Cromer Crab and lobster Mascots spreading the laughter.

Cromer Twinning Association 35th Twinning Anniversary at Crab and Lobster Festival

The Cromer Twinning Association marked its 35th anniversary by hosting a spectacular event, bringing together visitors from its twinned towns of Crest, Nidda, and Ponte San Nicolò to celebrate. The event coincided with the annual Crab and Lobster Festival and featured exciting activities. And if you’re a seafood lover, we’ve also included a crabtastic Q&A, delving into the fascinating world of crabs and lobsters.

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Four knights in medieval armor, swords raised and lunging towards the camera at the Fête Médiévale de Crest

Experiencing the Timeless Magic of Crest Medieval Festival in France with Cromer Twinning Association

Step into a world of knights, princesses, and pageantry at the Crest Medieval Festival in France. This annual festival celebrates history, culture, and entertainment and is a must-visit attraction that draws thousands of visitors each year. From jousting tournaments to sword-fighting competitions and historical reenactments, the festival offers exciting entertainment for all. Crest provides a perfect backdrop with its narrow streets, ancient architecture, and towering Crest Tower.

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Cromer Twinning Association Annual General Meeting: Collaborative Efforts for Continued Success

Looking back at the success of the Cromer Twinning Association in the past year, despite the challenges posed by the pandemic-related restrictions and upheavals. The AGM reflects on the progress made and accomplishments achieved through collaborative efforts and unwavering dedication. From the heartwarming welcome of visiting friends from Crest to the summer BBQ and annual Remembrance service.

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Four female staff members from Cromer Pier dressed in sixties attire, adding a vintage touch to the iconic seaside location.

Swinging Into the Past: Cromer’s Vintage Weekend Welcomes International Friends

The Cromer Twinning Association is abuzz with anticipation as it eagerly prepares to welcome esteemed guests from Crest and Nidda. Their visit coincides perfectly with Cromer’s much-awaited 1960s weekend, a vibrant celebration blending nostalgic charm with contemporary flair. With a myriad of eclectic entertainment options, the town is poised to immerse visitors in a nostalgic journey through the spirited era of the sixties.

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