Cromer Twinning Association 35th Twinning Anniversary at Crab and Lobster Festival

The Cromer Twinning Association marked its 35th anniversary by hosting a spectacular event, bringing together visitors from its twinned towns of Crest, Nidda, and Ponte San Nicolò to celebrate. The event coincided with the annual Crab and Lobster Festival and featured exciting activities. And if you're a seafood lover, we've also included a crabtastic Q&A, delving into the fascinating world of crabs and lobsters.
Our wonderful Cromer Crab and lobster Mascots spreading the laughter.

The Cromer Twinning Association celebrated its 35th anniversary this year, coinciding with the annual Cromer and Sheringham Crab and Lobster Festival. This grand event saw visitors from the association’s twinned towns of Crest, Nidda, and Ponte San Nicolò come together in Cromer to enjoy a range of exciting activities and celebrations.

The festivities began with a warm welcome for the twinned visitors at the Cromer Methodist Church, where the committee and members of the association had prepared welcome packages for them. These packages included a map of Cromer, a timetable for the event, and memorabilia for the visitors to take away with them. Stuart Meakin delivered the coach full of visitors, and the hosts were there to greet them.

The next day, the guests were officially welcomed at North Lodge, where the mayor, Tim Adams, and members of the town council gave speeches to open the event. Mary Hill, the former chair of the twinning committee, then ran through the timetable for the weekend’s activities.

The festival kicked off with a spectacular concert at Cromer’s Pavilion Theatre, featuring a cast of talented performers, including all-round entertainer Olly Day and comedian Nigel Boy Syer. Marlene’s School of Dance also joined the Sheringham Shantymen in taking part in the festival’s opening show.

On Saturday, the guests embarked on a tour of the area, visiting schools, shops, restaurants, pubs, businesses, churches, and community groups that sponsored the mini huts that formed this year’s seaside-themed trail through the two towns. The day’s programme was opened by the town criers, Tony Nelson and Jason Bell, and also featured exciting cookery demonstrations, live music, traditional craft displays, and delicious food, including traditional crab sandwiches and lobster bisque.

The final day of the celebrations saw the twinning visitors gather at the Cliftonville Hotel for lunch, speeches, and presentations. The event marked a milestone in a joint venture that has seen many changes over the years, and the idea of joining cities, towns, and villages in partnership is growing into a mutual understanding of each other’s communities and cultures.

A mouth-watering culinary creation of lobster tail and asparagus arranged on a bed of greens, presented at the Cromer Crab and Lobster Festival by top chefs. Cromer Crab and Lobster Festival, culinary creation, lobster tail, asparagus, top chefs.
Succulent lobster tail and tender asparagus presented on a bed of fresh greens. This gastronomic creation was crafted by top chefs and served at the Cromer Crab and Lobster Festival, a celebration of the region’s finest seafood and culinary talent. The festival brings together local and international chefs, making it an unmissable event. Photo by © Andreas Yiasimi.

Moreover, the hard work put in by the committee and members of the association paid off, and the visitors were made to feel welcome and appreciated. This grand event was a great way to showcase the beauty and uniqueness of Cromer and its people. Therefore, it was a fitting celebration of the Cromer Twinning Association’s 35th anniversary and a testament to the importance of bringing people from different cultures and backgrounds together.

Overall, the Cromer Twinning Association’s 35th-anniversary celebration was a resounding success. The visitors were welcomed with open arms, and the festivities provided a wonderful showcase of the local area and its people. The hard work of the committee and members of the association was evident, and the event was a true testament to the power of twinning and the importance of cultural exchange.

Claw-some Creatures: Exploring the Fascinating World of Crabs and Lobsters – 5 Q&A’s to Satisfy Your Seafood Curiosity!

Q: Are crabs and lobsters related?

A: Yes, crabs and lobsters are both members of the same family of crustaceans, known as the Brachyura. However, they belong to different suborders of this family, with crabs falling under the suborder Brachyura, and lobsters under the suborder Palinura.

Q: What is the biggest difference between crabs and lobsters?

A: The biggest difference between crabs and lobsters is their body structure. Crabs have a flattened, almost circular body shape, with two large claws and four smaller legs. Lobsters, on the other hand, have a longer, more cylindrical body shape, with two large claws and ten smaller legs.

Q: How do crabs and lobsters protect themselves from predators?

A: Crabs and lobsters have a tough exoskeleton made of chitin that protects them from predators. They can also use their large claws to defend themselves, and some species have evolved to be able to regenerate their claws if they are lost or damaged.

Q: What do crabs and lobsters eat?

A: Crabs and lobsters are both omnivores, meaning they eat a wide range of plant and animal material. Some of the most common foods for crabs include algae, plankton, and other small marine creatures, while lobsters are known to feed on mollusks, crustaceans, and even other lobsters.

Q: What are some interesting facts about crabs and lobsters?

A: Crabs and lobsters have many fascinating traits and behaviours. For example, some species of crabs can walk forwards, sideways, and even backwards, while some species of lobsters can regenerate lost limbs or even their eyestalks. Additionally, lobsters can live for over 100 years, and some species of crabs have the ability to change colour to blend in with their surroundings.

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